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Registered Charity number 1114273

Formerly Nottingham & Notts Lesbian & Gay Switchboard



At the moment, the entire service runs on about £15000 per year. This covers room rental, phone advertising, training, postage, printing and stock. We are a volunteer-led organisation and as we have always had to struggle for funding, we have grown accustomed to using our funds efficiently.  You can make a donation to us in two ways - online or by becoming a FRONG.

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You can make an online donation to the

Network by using Local Giving

If you are a tax payer, then you can select Gift Aid to add a further 25% to your donation.  


To make a donation, copy the link below and paste it into a new browser


Local Giving tries to encourage you to make a percentage donation to them, but if you click the downward arrow and choose "other", it gives 0




In 1975 we started out as Nottingham Gay Switchboard and a FRONG was a Friend of Nottingham Gay Switchboard. Later, we became Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Lesbian and Gay Switchboard, but FRONANLAGS would have been silly. Now we are Notts LGBT+ Network and FRONGS have turned into FRONNS


FRONNS are people who make out a monthly standing order. We will be pleased with £1/month and anything more will render us positively ecstatic. As we are a registered charity, we can also claim back 25p tax on every £1 you donate.


Click HERE to download a FRONNS form




The Network suffers from a problem common to many voluntary groups, namely that funders are happy to provide money for new initiatives, but are often unwilling to pay for the boring, everyday running costs that keep the organisation going. We found it easy to obtain grants, for example, to organise ground-breaking conferences on LGB issues for Black and Minority Ethnic people and to raise awareness of LGBT issues in North Notts - but at the moment we often struggle to cover our day-to-day costs.


As an organisation that supports LGBT people, the Network is - even today - an organisation that many funders find controversial, so we appear low down on their priorities, if we appear at all.


Our funding comes from three main areas:


   Our own fundraising efforts

   Fundraising/donations by organisations within the lesbian/gay community

   Donations and grants from statutory or charitable organisations/bodies


To see what groups and organisations have helped with our funding in the past, click HERE


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