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This page looks at issues which affect or have affected Nottinghamshire's LGBT Community.  Some of these issues may be specifically LGBT related and some may be broader, but have an impact on us.                                




In the Pink

A practical guide on LGBT issues for GPs and other health practitioners in Nottinghamshire

To download, click HERE


The Nottingham Plan

A 10 year plan which sets out a vision of what Nottingham should look like in the future.

To download, click HERE



A 2009 study into drug and alcohol usage amongst LGBT people in Nottinghamshire.

To download, click HERE


A huge number of documents have been produced by a variety of organisations (Stonewall, DFES, Childline, ACAS, FFLAG etc) on issues such as: Education, the Workplace, Health and the NHS, Goods and Services, Civil Partnerships and more.  You can download most of these by clicking HERE


LGBT Employees Networks


The City Council, the County Council and Nottingham City Homes all have their own LGBT employees networks and forums.


Nottingham City Council LGBT network

For further information please email: [email protected] (E-mails are kept confidential) or by telephone on 0115 876 2553.    

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The Nottingham City Homes LGBT Forum can be contacted on

[email protected]


The County Council's LGBT staff network can be contacted through

[email protected]


The University of Nottingham Staff LGBTQ network can be contacted at

[email protected]


Notts Healthcare NHS Trust staff LGBT Forum can be contacted via

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E.on LGBT Network

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In 2015, we conducted a survey of the local LGBT+ community. The survey sought to find out more about lives and concerns of local LGBT+ people so we could use the research to help us:


Understand the LGBT+ community’s needs and priorities


Effectively respond to these


Improve our services and their accessibility


The vast majority of people felt there is still a need for an LGBT community.


The research found that three quarters of people surveyed felt that Nottingham and Nottinghamshire was a good place for LGBT+ people to live.


There was a very good response to the survey and it can be read in full by clicking HERE